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Survivor Raises Awareness of Hospital-Acquired Infections, California Malpractice Laws

Alicia Cole entered a Los Angeles area hospital to have fibroids removed, a relatively simple procedure. What was supposed to be a one-day stay in the hospital, turned into a five-month fight for survival after she acquired a hosptial-born necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh-eating bacteria.Like thousands of other patients in American hospitals, Ms. Cole became a victim of the saddest of all…

Randy Walton

Doctors Don't Tattle Tale

A new survey shows that even though doctors believe that incompetent or impaired colleagues should be reported to the appropriate authorities, most don’t.In a survey of more that 1,600 physicians by the Annals of Internal Medicine, 45% said they did not always report an incompetent colleague, even though nearly every respondent said the should. Nearly half said they did not report at least one…

Scott Barber

Product Liability: Bayer Stops Sales Of Trasylol Due To Risk Of Death

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. has suspended sales of Trasylol, a drug used to control bleeding during heart surgery, after pressure by the FDA. The suspension of sales of Trasylol is due to a Canadian study which may have found an increased risk of death associated with the drug’s use. The FDA and Bayer are examining the study which was stopped before its expected conclusion.Trasylol appeares to…

Randy Walton

Effects of Medical Malpractice Caps Doubtful

Texas is seeing the greatest influx of medical doctors it has seen in a very long time. At last count, the state has climbed to 42nd in the U.S. rankings of physician’s per capita, up from a raking of 48 in 2001. Some attribute the growth to a voter approved constitutional amendment, proposition 12, which was narrowly approved by voters in 2003. Under the new law, any pain and suffering…

Scott Barber

Report: FDA Fails To Monitor Clinical Trials

A report by the inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services, Daniel R. Levinson, assails the FDA for failing to ensure the health of patients in clinical trials. According to the report, the FDA could not accurately determine how many trials were being conducted, audited less than 1% of all testing sites and, when an audit found problems, supervisors downgraded the findings…

Randy Walton

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settled for $1.6 Million

An Illinois hospital and one of its doctors have settled a malpractice lawsuit for $1.6 million. The suit was filed after an infant died of severe constipation.Will County Circuit Judge Gerald Kinney approved the settlement Wednesday, more than three years after Shequetta Wilson filed the suit.Her son, Noah Wilson, was 5 months old when he died Sept. 26, 2002, of septic shock from untreated…

Shannon Weidemann

Iowa Woman Awarded $13.5 Million in Cerebral Palsy Case

A woman that gave birth in 2003 has sued the hospital where she gave birth for medical malpractice because she believes they did not properly monitor her son during labor. The boy ended up having cerebral palsy. The jury in the case agreed and awarded the woman $13.5 Million. The boy was born at Broadlawns Medical Center. As doctors prepared to perform a c-section on Deb Gardner, she says…