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Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to San Diego Area Chipotle

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The total number cases of hepatitis A contracted at a Chipotle restaurant in La Mesa has grown to 18.  Authorities from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Department is advising any person who at the Chipotle on Fletcher Parkway between March 1st and April 22nd, and has symptoms of hepatitis A, to see a doctor right away.


Over 25 of the restaurant’s employees have been tested for hepatitis A, and all were negative for the disease, which is spread through poor hygiene and contracted when someone consumes contaminated food.  Symptoms of the disease included fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, dark urine and jaundice. 


Any person who believes they may have contracted the disease may contact the San Diego law firm of Walton Barber LLP for a free consultation through this website.  More information is also available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.