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Lifeguard Truck Accident Lawsuit Settled

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The city of Coronado has paid $141,000.00 to settle a lawsuit filed by a 24-year-old tourist who was run over by a lifeguard truck while sunbathing on a Coronado beach.

The city issued a formal apology to Sarah Bouvet who was hospitalized for two days with injuries to her pelvis, legs and ankles. Her lawsuit sought compensatory damages, and also called for a change in the city’s lifeguard practices.

According to officials the city has no plans on changing its policies.

City officials have maintained they have a written policy for driving on the beach and that all lifeguards take driver training classes annually. The training is mandatory and conducted by an outside firm.

City Manager Jim Benson said the city’s policies on driving on the beach have not changed, but there is a “heightened awareness on the part of all the lifeguards that you can’t assume anything.”

Bouvet’s attorney said the victim still suffers from some physical and psychological problems.

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