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Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Midwest Renewable Energy

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A man suffered severe second and third-degree burns while working at a Midwest Renewable Energy plant and has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company. The man is an employee of U.S. Water Services Utility Chemicals and was doing some maintenance work on a boiler.

Steindorf was monitoring the pH levels and temperatures and watching for stabilization when he was then asked to remove the manhole cover of the boiler, the lawsuit said.

Dennis Harstad, MRE plant manager, assured Steindorf that the boiler had been properly vented and depressurized and that the U.S. Water employees could safely open the boiler, the lawsuit said.

But the lawsuit said that unknown to Steindorf, the boiler was still under pressure with steam.

The accident happened in May of 2006. KL Process Design Group and the man’s employer are also named in the lawsuit.